Guided Sleep Meditation for those who Can’t Sleep? 

Sleep Deprivation has been used as a torture technique for centuries. Extreme Ultramarathon runners are aware that after 42 hours they can get hallucinations. Researchers have used animals for extreme experiments  (as they were unable to use humans for obvious reasons) and found that prolonged sleep deprivation eventually led to death. Side effects of not getting sufficient sleep include irritable angry outbursts, difficult to concentrate, fatigue, lowered immune and increased risk of diabetes and heart problems, lowered sex drive, less excited at good news.

Some people do receive relief from sleep medication however common side effects can include daytime drowsiness, mental slowing or problems with concentration, dizziness, headaches, constipation or restless hands, arms or feet as well as an increasing tolerance and risk of dependency.

Reasons for insomnia or sleep deprivation:

Frequently, there are emotional or psychological reasons for not being able to sleep which can include, substance abuse issues, stress and worry about relationships, work, children can prevent someone from sleeping. Sometimes the mere act of trying to fall asleep can cause someone to not fall asleep as falling asleep is actually an unconscious activity – just like blinking or digesting food – and actually thinking consciously about it can cause problems in sleeping and once someone simply stops trying they can let their body to do what it wants to do naturally and sleep. By booking a session today, we can uncover any emotional or psychological causes of sleep problems.

Guided Sleep Meditation or Hypnosis

In our first session we will look at current sleep patterns and ask questions such as:

Do you go to bed but not fall asleep for some time?
Do you wake during and night and find it difficult to return to sleep?
Do you wake multiple times during the night?
Are you unable to sleep until after 12am and then experience difficulty waking?
We may then do a sleep hygiene assessment looking at how much coffee or alcohol or drugs are used, exercise routine, diet and bedtime routines.

After discussing sleep hygiene, we may then talk about meditation and progressive relaxation techniques to aid sleep. A FREE mp3 is also included in the session.

The good news is that sleep is a natural process that can come easily as we are wired to sleep – just as when we are hungry we eat and when we are thirsty we drink.

Book in a session today to get started so you can look forward to going to sleep, knowing that you will wake up refreshed and energized, looking forward the day ahead.

Send an email to enquire about our sleep workshops. An affordable, enjoyable way to learn more about sleep and get your Sleep Mediation Mp3 Included.

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