Quit Smoking

I have never heard a smoker that is now a non smoker wish that they were a smoker again. It used to take months to sail from England to Australia, now we can get there in a day. No matter how long you think it could or should take to quite, if you have opportunity to do it now, why wait? In my experience, some clients prefer to quit cold turkey and other prefer to gradually reduce down until they completely quit. Once you decide which type of plan suits you, call me today to arrange an appointment.

If you were stuck in a prison cell and someone offered to release you today – why wait around.

Effects of stopping smoking

Quitting smoking rewires the brain and after a period of abstinence, nicotine receptors in the brain return to normal and the urge to smoke/cravings disappear. There are several benefits to stopping smoking, increased finances, increased ability to heal, reduced risk of cancer, stronger immune system, normal hormone levels, better sexual functioning, prevent emphysema, stop lung damage, decrease risk of heart attack, clearer skin, fresher breath and whiter teeth.

Stop smoking treatment plans

Often, no matter how much you consciously know that smoking is not good for you, there is an unconscious voice operating at a subconscious level and all the willpower in the world does not resist the temptation of a cigarette. It like having a constant angel on one shoulder telling you smoking is bad and a devil on the other shoulder telling you to smoke.

Successful corporate and individual stop smoking programs cover the following:

  • Elicit specific reasons for starting smoking & continued smoking
  • Explore motivational reasons for quitting
  • Uncover real truth about cigarettes
  • Why willpower method is so difficult
  • Why cutting down or casual smoking does not work
  • Strategies to deal with withdrawals
  • Work with any part of you that believes smoking is somehow beneficial
  • Strategies to deal with others/partner/family that smoke
  • Explore alternatives to smoking
  • Create a relapse plan and identify strategies to deal with high risk situations

I promise you that quitting smoking will be one of the best decisions you have made in your life. Telephone/text/email today for more information.

Workshop or Individual Stop Smoking Sessions

Margo has worked within Government funded Stop Smoking programs and has lead Corporate Organisation groups. There is significant research showing that group programs are just as effective, if not more so than individual programs. Margo has worked in world leading residential rehab centres and has substantial experience working with many addictions. Group programs provide an affordable alternative to quit smoking. Numbers are limited in each group so get in contact today to find out more.