Is Pornography Addiction impacting your life?

One of the first questions counselling clients ask me is “Do I have a Porn Addiction Problem? I ask clients to reflect on the following:

  • Have you found that viewing pornography is causing more distress than pleasure?
  • Have you felt that pornography has negatively impacted your relationship
  • Do you notice a decrease in sexual satisfaction since using pornography?
  • Have you experienced erectile difficulties?
  • Would you like to make some positive changes in your life?
  • Have you previously tried to stop pornography and failed?
  • Are you worried that you might have a pornography addiction?

If you are reading this page, there’s a good chance that you have been thinking about seeking counselling help for pornography for some time but have felt inhibited for a number of reasons. Perhaps you have felt a sense of shame, fear of failure, that you are bad or that the pornography addiction situation is hopeless. You are not alone. I have helped many people suffering with pornography addiction to overcome their compulsion with counselling and make the positive life transforming changes they’ve wanted to for some time.

Porn addiction is often progressive

Pornography is similar to many other addictions in that it is fed by continuous habit. For instance, behavioural addictions such as gambling, food, shopping, sex and pornography affect the brain in the same way as chemical addictions do such as alcohol or drugs. One person’s brain may react differently to another person’s, which indicates that it is not the form or quantity of porn that matters,  but rather how it affects someone’s brain. It’s common for clients to report needing to view more and more extreme pornography material, new genres of porn that induce shock, surprise or violation of expectations. In counselling, clients also report never feeling satisfied and an increase in sexual dysfunction. Pornography use can eventually escalate into  serving as a gateway for unwanted online chat room participation and escort use.  Increasing amounts of time, money and energy spent on pornography are indicative features of an addiction to pornography. There have been multiple studies that have linked porn use with sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, diminished libido and avoidance of genuine relationships.

A loss of self-respect and confidence can often be attributed to a lack of control over pornography use.

It’s been scientifically proven that when a person gives up using pornography, their brain have an ability to repair itself.  Testimonials frequently report many positive effects in seeking counselling for pornography addiction. From an increase in sexual ability, greater sexual satisfaction, an increase in energy and time to lower social anxiety, increased confidence, focus and concentration.


What does counselling for pornography addiction involve?

In our 100% confidential counselling sessions, we will explore the underlying causes for problematic pornography use, we’ll also identify your triggers and create a relapse prevention plan. The reasons why people may relapse into pornography addiction are diverse. From feelings of irritability, an inability to focus and mood swings to becoming stressed, angry or difficulty sleeping. Utilising Cognitive Behavioural Techniques or CBT, in counselling, we can focus on your triggers and create tailored interventions customised to your unique needs. Psychodynamic and schema therapy counselling can provide insights into why the desire exists to compulsively use porn and can help change the thoughts behind the addiction. Mindfulness-based counselling therapies such as MBSR, DBT and ACT can act as tools to provide useful strategies to enjoy the present moment with more peace, joy and calm. As an adjunct to individual counselling therapy, couples therapy can also help repair any relationship difficulties as a result of compulsive pornography addiction behaviour.


Your own tailored Pornography Addiction Counselling Recovery Program*

Here’s what you can expect from your customised counselling program:

  •  Goal setting. We’ll determine which strategy works best for you.
  •  Understanding the origin of pornography addiction. What are your attachment styles and relationship dynamics unique to you?
  •  Discover the real reasons for your pornography addiction use. Construction of your counselling treatment plan including identifying triggers and schema therapy.
  •  Optimising and adjusting your pornography addiction relapse prevention plan.
  •  Session 5: Mindfulness and meditation counselling interventions based on MCBT (including free mp3)
  •  Learn relationship therapy counselling techniques to enhance your relationships.


Freedom from pornography addiction begins here with counselling

Do you want to recapture relationship satisfaction, trust and intimacy with your partner?

Would you like to experience free space in your brain and regain control of your thoughts?

Does better sexual performance, increased libido and erectile function repair appeal to you?

Would you like to feel more attraction and chemistry with your partner?

Have you been wanting more energy, focus and productivity?

Would you like to be free of the guilt, shame and secrecy you carry?

Have you missed a sense of self-esteem and your own self-worth?

Does reconnecting on an authentic, realistic level in your relationship appeal?

Would you like to become more patient, less angry & irritable?


Porn Addiction Checklist

Here are some questions that may help to indicate whether pornography addiction may be a problem for you:

Do you have an overpowering desire to view pornography despite negative consequences?

Do you keep all or part of your porn use secret from loved ones?

Have you neglected family, social or work obligations to view porn?

Do you frequently spend more money or time than initially indented on porn?

Are you unable to stop using porn despite repeated attempts to do so?

Do you experience cravings to view porn?

Do you prefer watching porn over having sex with your partner?

Do you require porn in increasing amounts or more explicit porn to gain the same satisfaction or thrill?

Are normal pleasures losing their capacity to feel good?

If you exhibit a few or all of these symptoms and would like to make some positive changes in your life, take the first step in improving your life by calling today.



*Please note that these session outlines are indicative only and may change depending on an individual’s needs.


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