Intensive Relationship and Marriage Counselling

If your relationship or marriage is in crisis mode, intensive counselling
may be the vital link to saving your future together. It’s the number one
way to make rapid improvements to your relationship. Perhaps infidelity
has been discovered, or you are living outside of Auckland without
professional help close at hand but need urgent help, an intensive approach
may then be best to get the results you desire.

Marriage counselling when your relationship is in crisis.

For most people it’s good to initially start with a Relationship Rescue 2.5 -hour
session. In these types of sessions, you can make rapid progress in just days
that otherwise might take weeks of conventional therapy.

Marriage Counselling when your relationship is on the brink

We all know the cost of marriage separation can be hard to estimate. And
without therapy, many people often fall back into the same patterns and
repeat the same mistakes in their next relationship. But there is hope. Seeking
help often helps people to feel better immediately, and in the long run
facilitates clients to make conscious their previous unconscious patterns in
relationship dynamics.

Intensive Relationship Therapy Overview

Intensive couples counselling sessions often cover topics such as
communication, withheld resentments, intimacy issues and
creating your new relationship vision. Learn the proven hands on practical
tools that can be implemented immediately.  Follow-up sessions are scheduled as needed depending on your specific situation.

Relationship Counselling for International Clients/Small

For couples that live in a small community or are in media sensitive
employment, a specialist marriage relationship counsellor may not be available
locally or the practicality of privacy and confidentiality may feel
uncomfortable. At Relationship Counselling Therapy your privacy and
confidentiality are always guaranteed.

Sex Therapy Intensive Counselling

When matters relating to sex are affecting your relationship, a Sex Therapy
intensive can help. In these sessions couples therapy focuses on the emotional
intimacy, libido differences, and any male or female dysfunctions within your relationship. These may commonly be such as difficulty with orgasm, delayed
or premature ejaculation. For Sex Therapy Intensive marriage counselling it is
often useful to book a 2 hr session as this gives an opportunity to do a thorough assessment and get a good understanding of current issues in the relationship.

Couples Sex Therapy Enrichment Program

For couples that would like counselling to fast track improvements to a relationship
that already has great communication and connection established, there are
several options. Margo has considerable experience in a range of professional
techniques and modalities such as sex therapy to help take your relationship or marriage to the next level.

Relationship Therapy Intensives – Why should I invest in my relationship?

In successful relationships it’s been proven that putting your marriage first
before your kids is vital. That’s because once you become parents, your
relationship matters even more because you have other people counting on
you. The reality is that your kids will grow up, friends will move away, parents
will pass on, but your spouse is the one person that will be with you through it

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