Depression hits different people in different ways. Almost anything can trigger feeling sad and sometimes understand the reason can be helpful in finding the best treatment plan to get you back to being your best self, living the life that you want to live.

Common depression symptoms include:

  • Feel persistently sad, low, empty,
  • Anhedonia/inability to feel pleasure in normally pleasurable activities
  • Apathy, lethargy, feeling dull, slow
  • Irregular sleep patterns,
  • Changes in appetite or weight,
  • Increased tearfulness,
  • Hopelessness,
  • Pessimism,
  • Feelings of helplessness,
  • Loneliness or loss of connection
  • Thoughts of death or suicide
  • Feeling of isolation
  • loss of sexual interest
  • More emotional than usual

Causes of depression

There is often no one cause of depression but contributors can include bereavement, relationship dissatisfaction, stress within work or home life, an existing or recently diagnosed illness, unfavourable experiences during childhood, genetics, major life changes such an illness, relationship break-up, job loss, death of a close friend or family member or on-going problems such as a disability, addiction or financial problems. In therapy, we can explore what is actually going on and find ways to help heal the problems.

Depression treatment plan

In sessions, coping strategies are learned in relation to physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects to develop a range of ways for dealing with feelings, thoughts or behaviours that can come with depression and anxiety. There are things you can do yourself to manage depression such as regular exercise, quality sleep, eat healthily and meditate.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, NLP are all used to understand how thoughts influence feelings, behaviors, and actions. Mindfulness skills such as meditation and breathing have been proven to enable better regulation of emotions and access calm peaceful states. The benefits of cognitive therapy often come in weeks rather than months or years.