Couples & Marriage Counselling in  Auckland or Online

Relationship Counselling Therapy (RCT) is based in Auckland and offers marriage and couples counselling to individuals and couples. Counselling is available online via Zoom, with limited in-person 1:1 sessions.  In person sessions take place in Ponsonby in an intensive (3 hours +) format only. However, since the outbreak, I have been working primarily via Zoom and this as proven just as effective as in person sessions.  In couples counselling, I am more focused on building attachment/connection between you two as a couple and not the therapist. It is helpful if you are both in the same room for Zoom couples counselling but do understand this may not be possible for couples that are managing long distance relationships, there is ongoing conflict, or one is working away from home etc.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you could benefit from couples counselling:

Do you feel a lack of connection/intimacy/trust in your marriage or relationship?

Are you constantly arguing or have you stopped communicating?

Perhaps you feel that you are both leading separate lives?

Has a betrayal affected your marriage or relationship?

Or maybe you are in a good marriage or relationship but want to make it better?

Couples / marriage counselling can help.

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Intensive Couples Therapy in-person Auckland

Couples may choose to book intensive therapy sessions over individual sessions for several reasons, and the decision often depends on the specific needs and preferences of the couple. Here are some reasons why couples might opt for intensive sessions:

    1. Time Efficiency: Condensed Schedule: Intensive sessions typically involve longer durations in a single day or over a weekend. This condensed format allows couples to address multiple issues or delve deeply into specific concerns within a shorter time frame.
    2. Deeper Exploration: In-Depth Discussions: Extended sessions provide an opportunity for more in-depth exploration of issues, allowing couples to go beyond surface-level discussions and address core issues more comprehensively.
    3. Focused Attention: Undivided Focus: During intensive sessions, therapists can provide couples with more focused and undivided attention compared to shorter, regular sessions. This can enhance the therapeutic process and facilitate quicker progress.
    4. Crisis Intervention: Addressing Urgent Issues: Couples facing crises or immediate challenges may benefit from intensive therapy to address pressing issues promptly. This format can be particularly useful for couples seeking crisis intervention or intensive conflict resolution.
    5. Accelerated Progress: Rapid Results: Intensive sessions may lead to accelerated progress, as couples have the opportunity to work through issues intensively, leading to faster insights and changes.
    6. Reduced Disruption: Minimised Distractions: With fewer interruptions and distractions compared to weekly sessions, couples can maintain a focused and immersive therapeutic environment during intensive sessions.
    7. Consolidation of Learning: Continuous Learning: Back-to-back sessions allow couples to build on insights and learning from the previous session, fostering a continuous and cohesive therapeutic experience.
    8. Enhanced Retreat Experience: Retreat Setting: Some intensive sessions are conducted in retreat-like settings, providing couples with a change of environment that can contribute to relaxation and a more positive therapeutic experience.
    9. Logistical Convenience: Travel Considerations: For couples traveling from a distance, intensive sessions can be more logistically convenient, allowing them to make fewer trips while still benefiting from extended therapy.
    10. Commitment to Change: Demonstrated Commitment: Choosing intensive therapy can be a demonstration of a couple’s commitment to making significant changes in their relationship. The investment of time and effort in an intensive format reflects a serious commitment to the therapeutic process.

It’s important to note that the suitability of intensive therapy versus individual sessions depends on the unique needs and dynamics of each couple. Couples should text or call Margo first to discuss this option on 021-0322563.

How couples & marriage counselling can help

If you feel that something in your relationship could improve then couples counselling may give you the skills and tools you need to re-iginite passion, communication, connection and trust into your relationship. I believe that romantic partnerships are the most precious relationships we have and should get regular nourishment and cherishment to thrive and flourish. I love seeing people break free of negative conflict, repair trust, improve communication and find renewed passion with couples counselling. I have trained in specific Gottman, EFT and Imago Relationship therapy modalities to ensure you get the best professional help possible. I regularly engage in training and supervision to ensure that I am up-to-date with the most recently developments and techniques in couples counselling and relationship therapy.

Couples Counselling can help Save Your Relationship

If you want to fall in love again with your partner, rebuild trust, or even if you just want heal a broken heart, then an online relationship counselling session could be the most important step to take. In fact, if you can learn how to conflict effectively your chances of having a long term relationship dramatically increase. Margo has helped hundreds of couples rebuild passionate relationships, resolve conflict and learn practical tools to communicate effectively and rebuild intimacy.

Do you want to:

  • Save your relationship or marriage
  • Regain Intimacy
  • Resolve Conflict
  • Rebuild Trust
  • Renew Passion
  • Recover from an affair
  • Learn to communicate effectively
  • Move on from a break-up

Then go ahead and click the Book Now button and you’ll be on your way to moving forward  in your relationship. Let’s get started right now.

Common reasons client seek couples or marriage counselling are:

  • On-going conflict and unresolved resentments
  • Lack of connection
  • Pornography/physical intimacy compulsion
  • Infidelity/recovery after an affair
  • Intimacy issues
  • Differences in core values/beliefs
  • Traumatic events
  • Jealously
  • Blended family issues
  • Anger management
  • Work related stress/anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of/poor communication
  • Conflict regarding parenting styles/in-laws/house-work/friends/work
  • Blended families
  • Compulsions
  • Transitioning/ending a relationship

Research indicates that conflict is essential to a healthy relationship. 69% of couples problems are unsolvable (Gottman, 1999) however what counts is how people manage conflict. Conflict can actually be an opportunity to enhance relationships. Skills such as emotional regulation are taught as each partner should be emotionally calm when speaking. Learning to communicate with a couples counsellor ensure that both peoples needs are represented in a fair, positive and respectful way.

After lack of communication, infidelity is the next biggest reason that couples come for couples counselling. Research and experience indicate that if a couple can overcome an affair, then their relationship can be better than it was previously. There are several reasons for an affair and whether a couple decides to break-up or stay together, it is beneficial to have open and honest communication with a 3rd party counselling professional.

For Couples or Marriages in crisis mode

If your relationship or marriage is in crisis mode, counselling may be the vital link to saving your future together. It’s the number one way to make rapid improvements to your relationship. Topics covered in a relationship counselling session might include:

  • Tools to communicate better
  • Get rid of resentments
  • Learning differences between healthy and unhealthy conflict
  • Understand both you and your partners approach to conflict
  • Identify your needs
  • Make a safe space for your partner to talk
  • Betrayal of trust such as infidelity
  • Anxiety
  • Intimacy issues such as erectile dysfunction or libido discrepancy
  • Repair relationship with in-laws
  • Different parenting styles

Physical Intimacy Counselling

Margo has done extensive training in physical intimacy therapy and this topic does not need to be the elephant in the room. Counselling can focus on the emotional intimacy, libido differences, and any male or female dysfunctions within your relationship. These may commonly be such as difficulty with orgasm, delayed or premature ejaculation. Please feel free to discuss these issues at any session.

For couples that would like counselling to enhance a relationship that already has great communication and connection established, there are several options. This is for couples where there is no dysfunction but may be bored or looking to take their connection to the next level. Margo has considerable experience in a range of professional techniques and modalities  to help take your relationship or marriage to the next level.

Why should I invest in my marriage or relationship?

In successful relationships it’s been proven that putting your marriage first is vital. Once you become parents, your relationship matters even more because you have other people counting on you. These small people role model from you how to manage conflict, be assertive, give and receive love. The reality is that your kids will grow up, friends will move away, parents will pass on, but your spouse is the one person that will be with you through it all. The quality of our life depends on the quality of our relationships. Relationship counselling will give you the skills to take your life to the next level.

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Where can I get urgent immediate crisis help? 

If you require urgent help, please phone 111 immediately.

Lifeline (0800 543 354)

Outline (Rainbow Specialist )

1737  Mental health helpline text number.

About Margo

Margo is a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, Registered Counsellor with MNZAC, based in Auckland. She is specialised in relationships, anxiety, and work stress. She also offers EMDR therapy. Find out more about Margo here

Margo has trained with world-renowned teachers specialised in their chosen field and has worked in international world-leading residential treatment centres, assisted facilitating relationship workshops, intensives and retreats and has run corporate stop smoking programmes. She also speaks on topics such as emotional intelligence, and resilience in the workplace. She has also run workshops for those wanting to find love and/or recover from relationship break-up and managing conflict as well as appearing on national radio and tv. View media appearances here . Relationship Counselling Therapy is based near Ponsonby in Auckland.