About Margo

Margo is a professional therapist, MNZAC Registered with NZAC, specialising in relationships and areas that frequently impact relationships such as addiction, anxiety, and sexuality. She has trained with world-renowned teachers specialised in their chosen field and has worked in international world-leading addiction residential treatment centres, facilitated relationship workshops, designed and led corporate stop smoking programmes and speaks on communication, emotional intelligence, relationships and resilience at conferences.  She is regularly asked for media commentary on national print, radio and tv.

Relationship Counselling Specialist

After completing postgraduate studies in counselling from University of Auckland,  Margo further specialised in relationship modalities such as Gottman Relationship Therapy and Imago Relationship Therapy to enhance her knowledge and experience in relationship counselling. In addition, she undertook Sex Therapy training with Sex Therapy New Zealand. Margo has a special interest in working with couples and individuals who are experiencing relationship issues and has had extensive training in sex therapy, addiction, stress/anxiety and depression counselling. Margo has had great success with relationship, sex therapy and addiction clients utilising a unique blend of counselling, mindfulness therapy and psychotherapy. These modalities operate at both the conscious and unconscious levels to help you uncover the not so obvious, ingrained inner conflicts and issues that are stopping you from being the best you can be and enjoying life to the fullest.

Specialist Addiction Counselling

If you are someone that has failed at cutting down, going cold turkey, rehab or 12 steps and wondering what next, let Margo help you with an alternative approach to make those changes that you want to make. She has specialised in sex therapy, alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, compulsive sexual behaviour (sex addiction), pornography addiction, couples counselling, sexual recovery post addiction, depression, anxiety and sex therapy.

Specialist Sex Therapy Counselling

Margo has had specialised training and frequently works with trauma, male and female functioning, out of control sexual behaviour, recovery post affairs, erotic maintenance, impact of fertility/pregnancy/menopause on sexuality and sexual desire issues.

Couples and Sex Therapy Counselling Approach

Having previously worked in the corporate environment, Margo has a special appreciation for how the stresses of modern working life can negatively affect individuals and their relationships with both themselves and others. Her approach is systemic, solution-focused and tailored to each individual’s needs and desires. Her passion is to transform negative, unhealthy patterns of relating into passionate, positive, connected relationships that result in living a joyous, meaningful, fulfilling life with self and others. Your first session with Margo will involve talking about issues that led you to seek counselling and outline a treatment plan together tailored to your needs based on your unique requirements and goals Margo is committed to training in the most up-to-date methods and has completed training in, sex addiction, motivational interviewing, methamphetamine and sexual behaviour, CBT for substance abuse, advanced infidelity workshops, intersex workshops, parenting toolbox,  family therapy, CBT, psychotherapy, sex therapy, Gottman and Imago Therapy as well as professional specialised post-graduate studies in sexual desire, cultural issues, trauma, domestic abuse, addiction and grief at the University of Auckland. Some continuing professional development has included courses in the following:

  • Imago Relationship Therapy Clinical Training
  • Sex Therapist (Sex Therapy New Zealand)
  • Gottman Relationship Training 1 & 2
  • Infidelity in Relationships (Nic Beats & Verity Thom)
  • Methamphetamine and Sexual Behavior (CADS)
  • Assessing Risk in Addiction (CADS)
  • CBT for Substance Abuse (CADS)
  • Motivational Interviewing (CADS)
  • Advanced Motivational Interviewing (CADS)
  • Motivational Interviewing for Groups (CADS)
  • Sex Addiction Supervision Training & Conference (Richard Blankenship)
  • Partners of Sex Addiction (Dr Barbara Steffans)
  • Smashed and Stoned Facilitator Training (Odyssey House)
  • Shine Domestic Violence Training
  • BodySafe Facilitator Training (RPE)
  • Facilitating Difficult Classrooms (RPE)
  • Stop Smoking Practitioner (NTS)
  • Parenting Toolbox training (Parenting Place)
  • Grief Workshop (Grief Centre)
  • Group Facilitator Training (Fay Lillian)
  • Intersex Conference (FMC)
  • Navigating Intimacy (Sex Therapy New Zealand)
  • Levels of Interest in Sex (Dr Vivienne Cass)
  • Masters in Hypnosis Vietnam (Rick Collingwood)
  • Clinical Training: Working with Sex Addicts and their partners (Sharalyn Drayton)
  • Adolescent Sexual Harm Training Day (Te Puaruruhau)
  • Sexual Development & Trauma  (Aline Zoldbrod)
  • Strengths Based Approach to Out of Control Sexual Behaviour (Neil Cannon)