• Relationship Counselling in Auckland

For a better couples relationship

Sexual intimacy issues, low libido

Alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography

Depression, anxiety, purpose of life


Relationship Counselling


Lack of trust? Can’t get distressing thoughts out of your mind? Want to repair your relationship?

Sex Therapy

Female Sexuality

Low libido, orgasmic disorders, painful sex, vaginismus, dyspareunia

Male Sexuality

Impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, painful sex

Sexual Enrichment

Increase physical intimacy, enjoy sex, sex therapy, tantra, taoist, kink friendly

Addiction Counselling

Sex Addiction

Feel a lack of control over multiple partners/one-night stands/affairs/escorts?

General Counselling


Lack of energy/motivation/direction? Feeling hopeless/tired/loss of drive?


Panic attacks, fear, worry, nervousness, too much excitement? Can’t relax? Low self-esteem?

Anger Management

Feel a lack of control over emotions? Increased stress? damaged relationships?

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking

Individual 1:1, as well as corporate programs available from a corporate trainer

Sleep Better

Insomnia? Sleep Apnea? How to fall asleep sleep meditation

Lose Weight

Hypnotic Gastric Band, Manage Cravings, Increase Water, Enjoy Exercise


“Margo also helped me in therapy to be a better partner to my husband, to communicate and not shut down, to be open and honest and now my relationship has reached new levels of intimacy and trust”

“Margo is kind, intuitive,  understanding and completely  professional on all levels as a therapist”

“If you are seeking a highly trained ,caring,special therapist then I can  recommend this lady in all aspects  of mental health care. On a personal  note I am so very grateful to you Margo, you are such a beautiful,smart , loving person , you changed my life and I so very thankful to have met you and worked with in my journey to recovery. It is not an understatement to say you saved my life”

“I worked with Margo in recovery therapy including cognitive behaviour therapy in dealing with my addiction and depression. Margo helped  me regress into my childhood and emotional, physical and sexual abuse , gently steered me into acknowledging  my past, accepting my circumstances, healing from the pain and emerging as a new positive person with healthy emotions”

” I can’t say enough good things about the sessions that I had with Margo. Margo created a nice safe space where I was able to freely discuss personal issues – some of which I didn’t realise were an issue. Being able to have these open discussions and review where my emotions were stemming from has helped me move forward – helped me review what is important to me – putting some ‘me time’ back in to my life. I am still as busy as ever but I now sit back and take time out and appreciate everything that I have – this has a positive impact on me and also my relationships with my husband, children and mum. Thank you Margo. ”

“Margo was a great help to me when I was going through my marriage break-up. She was hugely helpful in listening to what I was going through and able to offer constructive help and advice in all areas. It was especially good working through relaxation and positive affirmation exercises with her during the sessions and this was something I had never had before in counselling and which was of great benefit to me”